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Constrained Nonlinear Optimization



I have some trouble using the  "Constrained Nonlinear"

Apart from the manual I could not find much information on the algorithm on the internet... It look like often my program gets stuck in a loop inside the subvi "" (L-->inf , matrix inversion results in a matrix of zeros). This happens with some datasets, not with others, but when it gets stuck, there is no possibility to leave the loop and thus I have to quit the vi.

Is there reason for this eternal loop, and it there any way to avoid this situation?

Thanks, Dirk 

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Hi Dirk,


I'm not familiar with the algorithm, but the Wikipedia page is likely a good start point. There's a PDF at the bottom called "Introduction to Sequential Programming".


What is the difference in your data sets? Same size?



Jeff | LabVIEW Software Engineer
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