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Constant wait cursor when editing with LVOOP

I wish I knew those answers. I find them extremely useful as well, that's why I have them everywhere. I tried to use find and replace, but it sees them as having the same name as the VI that they represent, so there's no easy way to replace them. If I had to go through and replace them all manually it would take days since I'd have to deal with the wait cursor after every change.

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We thank you for your particular interest in this issue. We usually do not require the effort of our user to fix issues other than just understanding creating the issue. If you would like you can keep track of this particular CAR, you are welcome to write down the number and see if it is added to list of resolved issues with a new release. If you believe that there might be a part of this issue that might not be resolved with this given information please let us know. If you have a service contract then you can call in and talk with us on the phone or via email.



Kyle Hartley
Software Engineer
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