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Constant wait cursor when editing with LVOOP

Moving a string constant on the block diagram:






Save changes in a typeDef:





Saving the VI:




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No, I don't have the CAR information.


Here is an example that I made that shows what happens. I don't have anything like you're seeing Ray.



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I was getting what you recorded on Monday.  I don't get the round wait icon.  It just freezes momentarily.  If I click on anything located on the block diagram, I get the blank windows.


What did you use to record the video?

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I used CamStudio to record the video and MediaCoder to compress it since CamStudio makes huge files.

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Life is strange...  and then it gets more strange...


The code I work on evolved from non-LVOOP to LVOOP.  There are still a few (telnet related) non-LVOOP VIs kicking around in the code.

The logging is now fully LVOOP.  So I removed the older non-LVOOP log VI's.


To my great surprise, then VI editing is as smooth as a spring breeze.  There must have been some strange / obscure / don't-know-what-to-call-it-thing..  Whatever it was... It seems to be gone (hooray)!


Whatever it was, it was getting nasty.


I'll keep you posted in this thread if whatever went away comes back.  Although I will be done this application in the next couple of weeks.

By then, all code should be LVOOP (I hope).

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Hi all,


For reference in tracking this issue for future releases, the Corrective Action Request that has been filed for this issue was CAR #313044.



Austin S.

National Instruments
Academic Field Engineer
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Thanks Austin.





My situation did not improve after all.  I will need to track this down.

It is slow again... Even after a reboot.

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I am also experiencing frequent wait cursors for around two seconds when modifying class libraries.  How can I get in contact with NI to assist with additional information on this issue?

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I guess I didn't update this with the latest status.


After going back and forth with NI about this, the person I dealt with was able to reproduce what I was seeing pretty easily. No solution was found, but then it went on to R&D. I got a response shortly after saying:

R&D has found the cause of the problem, which is essentially due to the way certain LVOOP references and property nodes are handled in the "fine print"of the LabVIEW code. They have relayed information to me that this is definitely something that will be fixed, but they are unsure of which update or release of LabVIEW you will see it resolved.

I was told as a workaround to not use OO property nodes, but I have them everywhere and there's no simple way to replace them. My issue gets progressively worse the longer I have my computer running, so my interim solution is to restart it every day so the wait goes back to under a second for a while.


It looks like all we can do at this point is wait for a patch that addresses this.

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@marc A wrote:

I guess I didn't update this with the latest status.


I was told as a workaround to not use OO property nodes.

I am very interested to find out more about what specific usage of property nodes causes the wait cursor.  This is quite unfortunate as I find property nodes to be extremely useful when viewing and accessing data with multiple levels of inheritance.


  • What specifically will prevent the issue from occuring?
  • Do ALL property nodes have to be removed from a project?  i.e. will this issue occur if any class in memory has a property node used?
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