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Constant wait cursor when editing with LVOOP

Hi Marc A,


Is there anyway you could post a small piece of your code that reproduces this behavior?


I might indeed be a bug, but to get any information from R&D, I will need to be able to reproduce the behavior here.


Have a great day,

Chris V 

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I've tried opening a couple of the classes outside of the project to get something to show, but it doesn't cause the problem. I can't attach the whole project here, so I suppose the best way would be to contact support and send it to someone there to look at. I could upload it somewhere and PM you a link if you wanted to look at it first.

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Hi Mark A,


Yes, at this point, contacting support would probably be best (assuming you have a support contract).  Just visit


Have a great day,

Chris V

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Do you use a lot of re-entrant VIs?

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Not really. I made a handful run inline, but I've dealt with this problem since before I went through and did that.

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I fear I must join you in this misery...  😞


I now face similar symptoms.  Everything I do slows the entire PC down to a crawl.. 


The only applications that are open are Outlook, Word and a couple of command prompts which were closed before I noticed the slow-down.

It's been behaving slowly since Monday.  But as I add more code, it is becoming more painfully slow.


I haver used LVOOP on 2 other projects before and did not notice any development speed issues..  This is the first time I experience that.

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I contacted support and sent my project. The person I talked to spent several days with it and although he saw the same issue, was not able to determine the cause. It was then sent to R&D. They think it has to do with type propagation. It's only been getting worse for me, and really starting to annoy me.


A CAR has been filed, so now all I can do is wait to hopefully get a solution soon.

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Do you have the CAR # and the CAR description?



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Thanks Marc

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I thought I'd post what happens when I edit anything of the block diagram (remove a wire, add a function as basic as add or subtract).

The program hangs and if I click on anything I get blank windows until it returns from the twilight zone.


I also notice spikes in CPU performance.





Inerting a new state in a Type Def enum:




Adding a VI on the block diagram:



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