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Constant issue: .mdl to .vi via simulation model converter / Control, Design and Simulation



I am trying to convert some simulation .mdl Simulink files to .vi files using the Control, Design and Simulation Toolkit.  Currently, I'm just trying to learn what the limitations of this conversion process are.


The first limitation that I have found is in the conversion of a Simulink Constant (of type int or double).  The converted virtual instrument block diagram shows a constant but it is set to zero(?).  Somehow, the constant loses it's Simulink value during a conversion. I have tried changing some properties and parameters in Simulink but so far I have had no luck in finding a solution.  Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on this?


Additionally, I have attached both the .mdl file and resulting .vi file.






NI LabVIEW 2013

Mathworks Matlab and Simulink R2013b

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Hoping someone might have something to say today,




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Hello Abe,


Thank you for posting your question concerning the Simulation Model Converter.  After looking through the VI and the screenshot you posted, it does appear that the constant is losing its value.


Could you please post the .mdl file as well, so we can try to reproduce the issue?


Best Regards,

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Hi Abe,


Do you get any errors when going through the conversion process? Also, what settings are you choosing in the Simulation Model Converter? 



Miles G.
National Instruments
Staff Applications Engineering Specialist
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