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Connecting USB device with labview



I am trying to connect Tesla meter via USB to LabView, to read data measuring data.


I create and instal INF file. I have VISA instaled already.

In MAX i can see that instrument is available. Picture 1.

I wrote a simple VI, but i don't have anything in my VISA resource. in att picture 2.

Can someone please advise, how to get communication with this USB?


Thank you a lot,



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LabVIEW VISA, if it can attach to and communicate with your device, usually gives it a name (I'm on the road and can't get MAX to look at any of my VISA connections "back home", so I don't remember the type of name, probably something like "COM1").  If you see a weird string of characters (as you do), then MAX is only seeing the "generic" connection and probably can't communicate.


Try (in MAX) to open a Test Panel to that VISA port and see if you can send and receive commands.  Report back your findings (especially if something seems to work) and we'll try to help some more.


Bob Schor

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one restart solved the problem.

Now I am able to use tesla metar.



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Generaly, i am trying to get measuring data via usb from measuring instrument...


But first, i am trying to send 64 byte buffer to instrument via USB.

For example first byte should be 0 and second $1C...

But I am not able to send 1D array to visa write, because the type should be string.

Well, can anybody explain me how to do this.

In att.


Thank you.

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Hi milan,


use this : ByteArr to string.png (Byte Array to String)

You can find it in the string palette, subpalette Path/Array/string conversion

Greets, Dave
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Hi Dave,

as you can see in my Vi, i already use this array to string block, but still geting error.

Error in attachment.

Have you any sugestions?




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Your array should be U8 rather than U64.  With a U64, each element is going to be converted to 8 bytes.  Probably not what you want.


The error message is related to the VISA device.  Whether it is because you sent an invalid string with the VISA Write or not, I don't know.

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i managed to run USB device with Labview, but on 32bit system.

Problem is because mcHID.dll is design for 32bit system, and it cannot work on 64bit machines!


Is there any replacement for this mcHID.dll, to run on 64bit machine???

Or somebody can advise, how to overcome the problem???


Thank you.

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Where do you have the mcHID.dll from? That's probably the best place to ask for help.

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HAHA... producer of device cannot help in that way...


If anybody have idea, please advise...


Best regards

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