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Connecting Counter Output to Counter Output



I am new to labview so I appreciate your patience.


I want to use a a counter pulse to sync up some of the different components in my  experiment. 


I am using a  DAQ USBX-6341 board.

I have the force sensor hooked up into the analog in channel/port 1.


I started by creating the pulse via "Gen Dig Pulse". I selected ctr1 as my counter. I then tried to connect the output of this counter (pin 91, or PFI 13 for the USB-6341) to the clock source of counter 0 (pin 83 or PFI 9).


I then tried to continuously aquire data from my force sensor via the example VI  "Cont Acq&Graph Voltage-Ext Clk-Dig". I made both the clock source and the trigger source PFI 9.


When I pressed run, the error -200220  occurs. Reason: Device Identifier is Invalid.


I think that my error is in how I connected the counter output terminals.

Can you look at the above pictures and give me some advice?






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Hello gcass,


It appears that you are getting the "Device Identifier is Invalid" error because you are not identifying the channel you want to acquire your analog input on.  Looking at the first screenshot you posted it shows Dev1/ai0.  Are you sure you want to be using Device 1?  You appear to be getting your clock from Device 3.  Confirm that you are acquiring the input on the correct channel.  If the problem persists would you be able to post a screenshot of the VI you are using for analog input?


David A.

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