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Connect a measurement device via Wifi to LabView

within a project that I am doing I need to read and capture the data coming from a measurement equipment that sends them through Wifi, I thank you if anyone has a suggestion like I can do it using LabView, the only information that I have is the IP adress of the equipment.

I have basic knowledge of LabView.


Thank you

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Please refer to the suggestions list at the top of the New Message page and provide as much of this information as you can. 


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LabVIEW 2017
LabVIEW Programming
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Hi omvr18!

A WSN module ( ) o a WIFI chassis ( ) may fit your application.

Also, there are a lot of examples with these elements in LabVIEW help.

If you are using third party hardware, it would be nice if you tell us more about your instrument.





Kudos are welcome 😉 marked solutions are awesome!

Kudos are welcome 😉 marked solutions are awesome!
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