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Connect Serial Port sbRIO 9631 with Epos MAXON


I'm trying to use the serial port of sbRIO 9631 in robot daNI v 1.0 to connect with a Epos 24/2 from MAXON via RS-232 but there is some problem due to error that indicates:  bad port name unrecognized.

When i select the serial port in the PC (for example: COM2), the program works fine and the communication with EPOS is established. The library block consist in open the device (epos controller and configure the parameters like velocity, port name, protocol). You can see in next image the description of that function and type data uses:


But if I select the port name that NI MAX indicated with Alias, (in my case : COM99) even if I select the address VISA://169.254.215/ASRL1::INSTR (because I communicate with sbRIO via Ehernet) i don't know why appears error : “bad port name”.I don’t know but I think that the problem is relationed with layer in communication between real port and alias, I confused….


I’ve tried to open the serial port and configure it with VISA API like I show and then take the resource name converting to string  to write directly in settings field of Epos library. Always the error shows “bad port name” and I think  that wrong configuration of velocity, timeout,etc is not the problem because when that occurs it show another error code



If I indicate the address VISA://169.254.215/RIO0::INSTR, appears error: attribute is not soported by reference : I think the cause is the sintaxis not soported by VISA configure serial port and i have to select the ALIAS port COM99 



So I don’t know how indicate to EPOS library the name of serial port in SBRIO, if I have to firstly open VISA Serial port, or the problem is due to address IP, that doesn't recognize...

The only task to do is to configure the portname. I suppose that read,write and these operations to send data is transparent because the internal function opendevice realizes all this.

Any idea?


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