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Connect PCI-6221 in LabVIEW

Dear all,


I have a PCI-6221 installed on my mother board. I can see it on NI MAX, and am able to send and receive voltage using NI MAX. So, I know it is functional.


When I open LabVIEW and try to add it to my project by right clicking and selecting "Add Targets and Devices", I do not see PCI-6221 as an existing target or device. When I try to specify the device to add, I still cannot see it. Do I need to assign IP to PCI-6221 first? If so, how do I do that?


Please advise on how I can add PCI-6221 so that I can use it in a .vi of my project.


Thank you.

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The PCI-6221 is a DAQmx device.  So you don't need to add it to your project.  You can just use DAQmx aliases to access it.

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Thank you for the quick reply. Do you mind showing me how to do it? Much appreciated.

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You need to learn how to use DAQmx.  There are a very thorough series of DAQmx Tutorials and White Papers by NI, easily found by a simple Web search.  Check out "Getting Started with DAQmx", which has a Basic and Advanced set of resources.


Bob Schor

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Here is another nice tutorial.


Skip the "DAQ Assistant" part 🙂

Start with "NI-DAQmx Create Virtual Channel". Once you create the virtual channel, you have a reference that you use to configure the instrument and take measurements or set signals.

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My old firm just rebuilt their Windows 7 computer because of operating system files failure.  The 'new' rebuilt computer has the PCI 6221 card installed, my built Labview data acquisition software and the correct Run Time Engine.  The software runs but there is no data coming into the software.  I imported a configuration file that included the PCI 6221 card, the SC2345 front end and the six ACC01 accelerometer modules and one AC01 AC Voltage module.  I have included a picture of the config file contents.  It looks like it contains everything I need, but the system won't take data.  My application runs and the scales change due to auto scaling, but there are no data traces from any of the ACC01 modules.  It is plugged into the PCI 6221 card and the lights are green on the SC2345 front end.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  I have the feeling this is very close but I can't get it over the hurdle.

Ron Brook


PS - Please note, this was opened on my computer laptop.  I don't have the PCI 6221 card or the front end modules.  It was imported on the system with all of the hardware, but it doesn't take any data.

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