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Connect Motorola wireless modem to MAX via USB port

I have a Motorola Razr that I'm trying to connect to MAX via USB.  Only option is COM or LPT port.  Motorola is showing up when I use Hyperterminal but not MAX.  Any direction on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.
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If you are connecting your Motorola RZR via USB you will have to develop a 3rd party USBRAW driver for it.  Because there is no driver that will bring in the Motorola phone into MAX you need to build one.  This can be done by following the instructions in the following developer's Zone:


I also Suggest you read through the following Discussion Forum feed that explains basically EVERYTHING you need to know about USB Communication.  It is Curcial that you take the time to read and learn this material if you are to be successful with your application.


Good luck!

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