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Configuring Digital I/O as bidirectional line in PCI-6229

I have an M Series PCI-6229 card. I have two issues with it:
1. I need to communicate to a device using the specified commands & responses in terms of digital bit patterns. This requires to configure a digial line as output when I want to send the digital data to this device. After this, i need to configure the same digital line as an input as to receive the digital data from the device.
I could not find this option for M Seires card, can some one help? If this option is there for PCI-6229 card, then what is the latency while configuring digital line from output to input & vice-versa?
A VI to do it shall be appricated.
2. I need to implement I2C bus using digital lines of M series card. Using this I2C bus I need to give command & read an eeprom contents.
How many digital lines do I need to perform this? If any body has written driver in LabVIEW, can you pls. send it?
Thanks in advance.
With best regards,
Nirmal Sharma
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Look out for the reply here

Chetan K.

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