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Conection labview - Raspberry Pi 4 to read DHT11


Good afternoon,


I have Labview 2020 and I am doing a project with Raspberry Pi 4. I have LINX installed and I am able to connect and write digital signals without problem. Now, I want to read a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor. I have seen that there is an example VI, but it does not work for me, it gives me error 5001.


Can't read this sensor through labview?


Regards and thanks for the help

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Can you upload the VI you're trying to run? Error 5001 is in the "user range" for error codes, so its meaning is probably encoded directly in the VI or the set of VIs you're using.

Even if you can't get the example VI to work, if you add a manual for the DHT11, probably we could guide you to write your own code for it (easier with the example as a reference too).

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