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Conectar Electrocardiograma CONTEC

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Hola soy nuevo en el foro y estoy aprendiendo a usar labview 

Quiero conectar un electrocardiografo marca CONTEC ECG300G

Via USB esto para poder tener las señales y poder manipularlas dentro de labview y matlab.

Alguien sabe como podria hacer esto, ya probe con Measurement & Automation pero no pude, es necesario cambiar el firmware del ECG?

espero puedan ayudarme 

De antemano gracias

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How does the device appear in Windows device manager? As a serial port, HID, something else? If there is an programming api, you would use that. It is certainly not necessary for something to appear in MAX before you can use it.
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It appears as USB port, COM7, there is any programming api, how can i get the access inside the Labview?
Thanks for answer

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Accepted by topic author RickRnc
You would use the VISA serial port functions. The commands you send and the responses would be listed in a manual provided by the vendor. Getting the manual is not related to LabVIEW but if you have errors trying to send commands and read, post back. Before writing any code, I would recommend using a program such as putty to debug com port settings, etc.
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You were right, your answer helped me alot
Really thanks

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