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Conditional Probes

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Hello All,


I was hoping I might be able to get a little help with conditional probes in LabVIEW 2015.  My understanding regarding conditional probes is that I should have to option to create a conditional probe for the data type of the wire I am probing by going to the "Custom Probe" menu.  As in if I right click on an error cluster wire I should be able to go Right Click => Custom Probe => Conditional Error Probe.  My issue is that no such option is there when I go to "Custom Probe".  I only have options for "Controls" and "New...".  Can anyone shed some light as to where I might look for the setting to include conditional probes in my Custom Probe menu by default?


Many Thanks!



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Well, you didn't supply a VI that exhibited this behavior, so I opened one of mine in LabVIEW 2015 SP1 (32-bit) running on a Win 7 SP1 (64-bit) PC.  I right-clicked on an Error line and chose Custom Probes, getting this:

Custom Probe.png

As you can see, Conditional Error Probe is the first item on the list.  No clue what you are doing to not see this.


Bob Schor

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Bob, I think the OP is talking about creating a new custom control with a conditional output.  


Start by looking at the conditional error probe block diagram.  You'll notice that the boolean indicator is wired to the Conn pane and logic feeds into that indicator.  Again, LabVIEW is not available on Androids so I can not post examples.  

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What's the data type of the wire you're trying to conditionally probe?  Conditional probes aren't available for all data types.

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Accepted by topic author IanGray
10-05-2016 06:13 AM

Thanks for the iniput, I actually just worked the solution out myself.  If anyone else comes across a similar issue the problem was with my "LabVIEW Data" folder being created in a location that didn't exist.  As a result LabVIEW wasn't loading the default probes from the _Probes folder inside that, and they weren't showing up.  The solution was to go in to options and point the "Default Data Directory" to an existing location and do a repair of LabVIEW.  Specificly you had to change the data directory before repairing, or you will end up sitting and waiting for LabVIEW to repair for nothing... which I may have did several times... Oops!

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