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Concatenate Elements of a 1D array


Fairly simple question I'm just looking for an efficient way to do it.

I have a 1D array of HEX values and I would like to be able to combine 2 elements into 1 through out the whole array.

Ex: elements[0] and element[1] become element[0]. element[2] and [3] become element[1] etc.



I have attached an image to show what I am doing. I take a string, convert to hex and then into a 1D array. But ultimately I need to convert 2 ascii character into 1 hex! As of right now I have 1 ascii gets converted into 1 hex.


Thank you!

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Decimate1DArray followed by JoinNumbers… (Or any other operation you would like to do, it's not quite clear from your question!)

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Thank you for your reply, I edited my question adding some more detail and a picture.

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It would help us if you gave a very clear example of the data coming in and what you want as an output.  Doing it with a VI would be the best (set the example data values as the default before saving).

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GerdW already made this point, but here you have it illustrated in vi snippets.



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Hmm, I have a question considering your earlier question and this one, the strings you are reading, which do they look more like?

A) "0F AA 12 45 E4"

B) " !51 @#$@% ar12 12355"


Jon D
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Thank you for the visual, that makes a lot of sense!

It almost works, my first 2 elements are 49, and 100, but when they get combined it becomes 12645... but I want it to be "49100" any ideas?


Thank you.

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Please help us help you by posting a VI with your data in it.


"100" hex will not fit in a U8 so please post a vi with your data and what you think it should be.



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The strings look like B)

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Your various posts are not self consistant.


Post a VI wi the data you have and the results you expect.


Our assistance is limited by your willingness to cooperate.



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