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Component Analyzers - 6440B

I have Precision Component Analyzers - 6440B of Wayne Kerr Electronics. Which Labview version is Ok for this model
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Any LabVIEW version is fine. But, the latest version is the best in terms of usability and features.


Your primary problem will be to get drivers so you can talk to the device.  IDNET does not show any drivers for that instrument or from that company. There's a Precision Digital listed. Is that the same company? If no drivers are available, this means you will need to write them yourself. The best thing to do is to start with something that is similar in operation and modify it. You will need to look at the programming manual for the instrument for the correct commands. What kind of communication interface does it have? Serial, GPIB, TCP/IP, can and string, smoke signals?

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The company is Wayne Kerr and there is a driver available. It's actually on Wayne Kerr's web site and is listed there as 6440B. It does not say what the LabVIEW version it was written with and I am blocked from downloading it.
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Dennis Knutson wrote:
The company is Wayne Kerr

Completely missed that when I read the post! For some reason I focused on the Precision Component as being the company name. Smiley Surprised Man, I really do need those glasses.

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