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Compiling FPGA, stuck at "Transferring Files"

I'm running into a lock up when compiling FPGA all of a sudden (using 8.5.1). When I start compiling the VI, it creates all the intermediate files, but the server does not get to the point where it actually confirms that it is receving the files or compiling. 
The server status says "Idle..." while the compile client dialog says "Transferring Files..."  The client shows that the server ID is -1.  The refresh button is the only one enabled so it is impossible close the dialog.
Some time ago I had an issue of lock up and resloved it by deleting all the files in the cache (c:\NIFPGA85TMP\clntTmp\* and srvrTmp\*).  But that did not work this time.
I have the compile server running locally (over port 96).
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Looks like a memory problem rather than a lv problem.Let me see what to do
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I tried to reboot and keep memory usage to absolute minimum and it is running again right now.
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I have similiar issue, all compilation steps appear to be succesful, but compiler stuck at "Transferring files from compile server". As I used to get  Error 61330, I decide to utilize cloud server, with a fresh installation of Xilinx 13.4 and LV FPGA 2012 as I am trying play with sbRio9636, however cloud compilation does not seem to work for me either. Any suggestions?

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