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Compiled program crashes due to nifslk.dll

I have a fairly large application that is run for months at a time.  I am getting infrequent system crashes (every 2 weeks or so).  When I review the windows crash dump file, it says that that nifslk.dll is the most likely culprit.  The error message states that " Probably caused by : nifslk.dll ( nifslk!nNIFSL100::tFusionPacker::~tFusionPacker+e7a )"



I'm not really sure what this means, but I know this is a national instruments .dll file.  This same error has been seen on multiple installations on multiple machines.


Any ideas?



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Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this behavior. I've found a discussion forum about a similar error message. Take a look through here


Let me know if any of this information is helpful.


Can you please reply with the following information, this will be a good starting point.



NI Software:

NI Hardware:

NI Drivers:



Nick C | Software Project Manager - LabVIEW Real-Time | National Instruments
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OS:  Windows 7 Professional

NI Software:  Labview 2009 SP1   DS1

NI Hardware:  cDAQ 9174 with two modules: NI-9485 and NI-9237

NI Drivers: Hardware drivers from MAX 4.6.2f1


I looked at the link.  Not sure if it the same thing or not.  I have never seen the blue screen, but the crashes have always occured when no one is at the computer.  We simply find the terminal in the windows log in screen.

The crash dump file said that an exception occured in the the nifslk.dll


and that the exception code was   "(NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%08lx referenced memory at 0x%08lx. The memory could not be %s."

This doesn't really mean anything to me.  Not sure if it helpful to you....


Thanks for the help.



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Hi NateN,

I would like you to try running the most recent version of DAQmx, this should fix the error you are seeing.



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I will update, and restart the program.  As these errors have been up to a week apart, it may be a while before it can be determined that this is the proper fix.  Thanks for the suggestion and stay tuned....

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Since this programmed is compiled... should MAX be updated on the target machine, the machine that compiles the program, or both?  I plan on doing both, but I'm curious if the complier uses driver information and if I have to rebuild.   

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Hi NateN,


Typically, when running an executable on a target machine, it is packaged into an installer where you can include the correct version of DAQmx so they will be the same. In your case I would recommend installing the same version of DAQmx on both machines and then rebuild the application from your development machine and transfer the exe over.



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