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Compiled Labview apps on Eee pc

This is not a question but rather a courtesy info-share on something I recently (and successfully) tried.

I wanted a really portable data acq setup and started thinking about an Eee pc 900 that I already had. It had a limited size solid state 'hard drive' (only 16gB) and 1gB RAM. It also had Linux when I got it, which would have to go. So.... I bought Win XP pro and installed it after severely trimming it  down with a program called 'nLite'. I installed only Excel, Word, Foxit Reader, VLC player, Firefox, Labview runtime and DAQmX runtime core. This filled about 4gB of the C: drive. Plenty of room left over. I intend to run only compiled Labview and compiled Measurement Studio programs and this system is quite capable of that.


My LV apps run perfectly. Couple this with a USB-6211 board and I have a system that almost fits in a coat pocket.

Labview 8.5
Meas Studio 2008
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