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I am trying to connect a start switch to commence the sequence to the DAQ. When the switch is pressed i want the system to output to the stop inside the while loop so that the program will move into the next frame when the switch is pressed.

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The event structure is designed to handle value changes and works very well with booleans.


The picture you've attached shows a broken wire because you have an array of values going to the stop condition, and it can only take a single value.

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I did some conversions last week that got this sequence to work so it could move on to the next frame. But sadly the file got corrupted and I can not remember how I did it and for the life of me can't get it again

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Are you talking about a physical switch that is read by the DAQ, or just a button in the application?

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A physical switch that once we start running the program it wont initiate anything until we activate the switch

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Is it attached to a digital line that you can read? 


If you are already reading in the data correctly, you can insert an "Or Array Elements" between the Equals and Stop sign and it will give you a True if any element is equal.

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That fixed the problem with the or array

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