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Compare webcam image/video to reference image



I have a webcam that records 12 different diodes that glow in 3 different colors. The problem I want to solve is to check if the diodes are glowing or not. My idea is to have a reference image of when they are glowing and check if the live image is the same as the reference. 


Don't really know what to do.. Do anyone have any ideas? 


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Imaq functions:

Extract Color plane (intensity) - of both reference and real-time



Find Circles (or Particle filter and Particle analysis if LED is not circle) - 

GetColorPixelValue in orignal image at particle location - determine color


You can run vision assistant - it will help you build alogortihm and can create subVI for you


If LED locations are fixed, you need just  Get Color Pixel Value VI and threshold values


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