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Comparar hora

Hola que tal grupo soy nuevo y quería saber como hacer un ví que sea aprueba tipo aprueba de engaños en la hora por ejemplo obtienes la hora del sistema pero si alguien cambia la hora del sistema por ende cambiará en labview y quiero saber cómo hacer algo que conserve la hora y no se actualize

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Hi eduardo,


@eduardo1543 wrote:

Hello, such a group I am new and I wanted to know how to make a video that is approve type approve of deception in the time, for example you get the system time but if someone changes the system time therefore it will change in labview and I want to know how to do something that keep the time and do not update

You really should start your question in English - or in the Spanish regional board…


  1. You may read the system time at start of your VI, then you add the loop iteration time (in seconds) to that timestamp with each iteration. This way you only need to read the system timestamp once… (This may introduce some rounding issues, so the accumulated time value may still differ from "real" time.)
  2. Use a GPS device to deliver the correct time…
  3. Read the timestamp from a webservice…

(Item 2 and 3 use external resources to get timestamps, so they are not influenced by the computer local time.)

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO
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