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Compact RIO/PCI with Integrated Display unit?

Is it possible to have a compact RIO/PCI  unit with an integrated display unit.Compact RIO/PCI meets my requirement except for an integrated display for monitoring the data.

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Compact RIO/PCI does not comes with the display. Either you can use display that works with the serial port / communications with ethernet port.


or you can go for PXI system with display , but it will be expensive 

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Do you mean an integrated display unit? Can you please provide the link for the same.

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Had a similar system earlier not from NI though and it was based on PCI.It was a tough time with that system with a lot of issues.Iam not sure how ruggedised these systems are.


Do we get these DAQ cards with lemo connectors?

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I dont think you will have much issue with NI PXI.. They are one of its kind and accepted for industrial usage.. DAQ cards will have a PCI interface, PCI express and PXI interface....Lemo connectors at which end ??????????

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Lemo Connectors at the Cable (from Sensor) interafacing end.


The sensor comes with a Lemo Connector which should be connected to the computer.

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Generally the interfacing end of the DAQ cards will have to be connected to the connector block where you pins exposed wherein you can connect the sensors. In your case, make a mating connector to the lemo and connect the free end to the connector block which is connected to the DAQ

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This unit is supposed to be used in a tough environment,so a connection through a connector directly to the computing unit holds good rather than carrying extra accessories like a connecting terminal etc.Thats the reason for going for the lemo connectors.

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Unit is supposed to be used in any vibrating environment ??? what are the signals your trying to acquire ??

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