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Communication between webservice and main application on target

In the case where you have a built LabVIEW application on a target and you want to have a web service interface via HTTP, what is the current best method for communicating between the web service and the application? 

here's a simple diagram to show what I'm referring to in case the above isn't clear...



(the yellow arrows are the channels in question)


Is hosting a TCP server in the app (and having methods msg it as a client) the best option currently?  I have that working in a simpler app I previously wrote but I just wanted to ask if there's a cleaner or better way to do it.  I would like to have the ability to support message queries between the two...





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I think TCP is a good way to go, just make sure you manage port selection- an ini file of some sort would be a good idea.



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you're welcome 👍

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you could also use rabittmq if you wanted to get fancy...

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