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Communication between LabVIEW and Keithley 2400 with KUSB-488B under LabVIEW 2017 and Win7

@jamiva wrote:

I don't think the error is due to the termination character. The error message indicates it occurred in VISA Open.

I can't remember the exact circumstances, but there was one time "Refresh" wouldn't list all the resources. I had to use the VISA Find Resource function.  Try it and see if your resource shows up. This function is located in "Instrument IO -> VISA -> VISA Advanced"



Re: termination


I agree but from the image I can not be sure.


Re: Open

That is why I was wondering about the drivers being loaded. I can not say if something would work OK in MAX but not in LV so ... I speculate.



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It only shows serial instruments resources.

It doesn't show GPIB0::24::INSTR or GPIB0::INTFC

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error5.pngHere is NI IO captured images.

 If you see the lines up to 73, it shows these computer and instrument communicate very well (address is GPIB0::24::INSTR).

But the line 74 (I run "find VISA resources") shows LabVIEW2017 can't read and send external instruments.

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