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Communication Between Atlas Copco PF 4000 and National Instrument Test Panel

Dear All


i am trying to send a MID 0001 command to my Atlas Copco PF 4000 via the Open Visa Test Panel or the Simple Serial VI. the command i am sending is 002000010060  00 NUL

but i am unable to get a response.








when i write there is no error when  query there is an error.




Besides this i also tried using a VI

and i have no idea.


could you guys please kindly help me thanks.


my aim is to send a MID 0001 to atlas copco and get a feed back of MID 0002.

ps. i have downloaded open protocol (2.7) and i am able to communicate with it



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Hi soarin, 


I haven't checked your VI yet (on phone) but will do so later if I can. 


In the mean time, I took a look at a possible set of documentation for Open Protocol I found here: Rickedb GitHub/OpenProtocolInterpreter (this is a project that creates some object oriented handler in C# by the look of the description - it might be worth you taking a closer look if you're interested but I haven't checked it).


The message protocol you need seems to be significantly more complicated that the MAX communication you're attempting. I can see a whole collection of additional bytes in the header (e.g x06x09x06x09STX) iirc? that you might be needing.


Perhaps use your VI to allow clarity in byte choice and check your null is correct. I'll take a look when I can but read the documentation (or attach a version covering 2.7 of it's different) and try adding the extra bits of communication necessary.


Once you have your 1/2 messages working, I suspect there may be a lot of work to go handling the messaging.


You could also consider e.g. Fieldbus or Profibus, which may be simpler to use.

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It appears you are supposed to be sending binary/hex/raw data bytes, but you are sending ASCII characters.  So with your VI, you should wire up a FALSE to the Enable Termination Character on the VISA Configure Serial Port.  Then you should right-click on your Write Buffer control and select Visible Items->Display Style.  You will see a little "n" show up on your control.  Click it and now select Hex Display.  The control will now show the raw data bytes in a hexadecimal format.  You can now type in your command, using 00 for the NUL character.


To give any more advice, I really need a protocol definition.

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firstly i would like to thank you for replying me. i really appreciate the help.


here is the link to the open protocol PDF.

i will only be back at work on thursday. will update on my progress after trying your suggestion.

thank you so much




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i have actually found a sample LABVIEW VI online and it still does not work .

i tried the code and it does not work




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