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Communicating with the Linux OS on RoboRio

Ok So here is the issues. There is a hang issues witht he USB port on the roboRIO. This the the device that is used in FIRST robotics. It is using the Linux real time OS that is running in most of NI real time systems. I am a software developer for one of the 3rd party devices that is used. We have been working with NI for a while now to get all fo the bugs worked out tof the USB on the roboRIO. They told us that they would not be able to get to the problem of this hang issues before kick off Saturday Jan 7th 2017. They told us to go through the linux os because the VISA is where the hang problem resides.


They told me:


"the VISA Resource indicator to run from the OS Resource indicator instead. You could then use this modified VI as part of your own Serial open which sets up the port by calling into instead of using VISA."


I did this and got errors that they resourse name was not valid.


Next they told me to access the directly using a Call Library Function Node.


I have done this before when I had access to the DLL on my computer but I have not had succes with trying to get the information I need to configure the I cannot find documentation and I am not skilled enough to do this my self. We would like to be able to get this working before Saturday.


I work for free so I am not making money on this. I am simply helping the FIRST community get better products to run thier robots.


Thanks in advance.




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Hi Tim,


Thanks for the time you're putting in to make FIRST better. I appreciate the detail in your post but I'm still having some trouble understanding the issue. I'm not familiar with the USB hang issue. Could you describe the behavior in more detail? I'd also like if you could make your question more specific. It sounds like you would like some advice on using the Call Library Function Node on a Linux target. Is that a fair assessment? It sounds like you've contacted us once before but if you have a service contract with us, please feel free to reach out to our support department for closer assistance.

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You may also have better luck posting on the embedded forums. Here are the popular forums:





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