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Commander l'axe X dans un graphique avec une commande numérique / Command the X axe on a graph with a numeric command.


J'aimerais savoir si il est possible de commander l'échelle de l'axe X via une commande sur face avant (afin de simuler un oscilloscope).

C'est principalement pour pouvoir voir plus précisement une période d'un signal.



I'm asking if it is possible to command the X scale of a graphic with a face-up command to simulate a oscilloscope.

It's mainly for to see with accuracy a period of a signal.


Software : Labview 2012 Student Edition.


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PS :

En pièce jointe mon VI sur lequel j'aimerais faire la commande.

In attached file my VI on which i will to the command.



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These three update modes are Strip Chart, Scope Chart, and Sweep Chart. These update modes can be configured using chart properties. To do this, right-click on the chart indicator and select Properties»Appearance; select the Update Mode pull down menu and select Strip Chart, Scope Chart, or Sweep Chart.

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This example shows how to measure period on the counter's default input terminal

Measure Buffered Period Continuously using DAQmx in LabVIEW

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It seems that i solved my problem

For to simulate the time division you must right click on the graphic and select the class about the maximum X axe limit.

After that on the diagram change that class from read to write and add a command.



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ah ok you're talking about the graph appearance and scaling. Yes you can customize and scale the X-Axis  on your LabVIEW Graph... programmatically or manually 😉

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