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Command Line Arguments when Not Configured


I'm trying to launch several LabVIEW applications from the command line.  Some are configured to accept command line arguments and other are not.  I would like to provide the argument for all of them so that if they do use the data then they can do what they need to do accordingly.


However, what I'm seeing is that for the applications that are not configured for command line arguments they seem to try to open the command line argument as if it was a file:


Command line:  Application.exe -helloworld

Result:  A dialog with my application's icon saying:

The file C:\<applicationdir>\-helloworld could not be opened.  No application was found to open that type of file.


After hitting the OK button on the dialog, the application loads like normal.  The only exception is "-automation" which seems to be handled gracefully and my application starts like normal (i.e. without intervention).


So, the question is, what is happening with these command line parameters when the application is not configured to accept them?  Is the run-time doing something with them?  Is "-automation" some special command line argument that I shouldn't be using for my custom applications since it seems to be handled by the run-time?


One thing that I did try was to use the " -- " to preface the command line arguments for both types of applications and it seems to work.  Is this my only option?


 LabVIEW 2009, 2010, 2013

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As far as I know, using "--" to preface the arguments is the only way to pass them to LV applications that haven't been configured to accept arguments

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check this

Passing Command Line Arguments to a LabVIEW Executable

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