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Combo box cannot produce backslash code / bug or not?

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I have got some problem using a (System) Combo box (LabVIEW 2015 32bit). I want to have two items: "Tab" and "Comma". Required values: "\t" or "Tab constant", and "," comma.

I have found this old post where an NI folk stated this is not a bug (I am not sure if I understood that post 100% however):


Of course I can do several workarounds, but is it just not possible to use directly a combo box for this task??





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Seems to just be an issue with the Edit Items dialog.  I can get it to work by setting the values programmatically.

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So we can say we have a bug with the Edit Items dialog? Thanks for the solution, this was the proposed solution in that older post too. But this is only a workaround. Can a CAR be filed for this problem?

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Its not really a bug.  The item editor just works that way (and always has)  There are several posts on the Idea Exchange to address Item Editor improvements.  For now though, its a "Roll Your Own" dialog to edit items the Item Editor fails at.

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