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ComRS232 SBRIO 9632

Hello i have trouble with sBrio-9632 card and i' d like to know how can i use RS232 port?

When I build VI with a COM1, the com between sBRIO(subd9) and a device(RS232) not work and I don't why.I would like the card 9632 work by itself and send request alone (wtihout plug a computer).

Whereas if i connect my computer to my device it work well.

I found this exemple : FPGA Serial Read Write_8.6 Update  is it ok ?

Please, could you help me ?


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Hi 748916,


  1. Have you connected the RS 232 device to the right port in sbRIO as shown in the page 6 of the following link?:
  2. What is the RS 232 device you're trying to communicate?
  3. Have you checked in the NI MAX >> Remote Systems >> sbRIO 9632, that the serial device is detected by your sbRIO?
  4. Did you install the serial drivers for your sbRIO when you install the NI RIO drivers?


You can try using that example but I think you need to change the commands which your serial device uses. Please note that the example uses both RT and FPGA function and you may need to do some neccessary changes if you're using a different board than the example. Check the serial device manual on its command. Since you have tried it before using your computer, I guess you have the command list as well.


Warmest regards,




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Thanks for your answer

1- I ' ve connected the RS232 device to the right port

2- I tryiny to communicate with CMUCAM4 camera (wih VI it work well whereas with exe it not work)

3- Yes I already check it, it's ok

4- how can i do to make sure if I really installed the right Sbrio driver( could you send me a link of it please)


I have another question :

Can i comunnicate with Standart read/write palette or I use obigatory the example both RT and FPGA function


Thanks for yours answers

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Hi 748916,


Did you install the drivers to sbRIO? I believe you'll need to have both LabVIEW RT and LabVIEW FPGA (if you want to use both FPGA and Real Time). Both LabVIEW RT and LabVIEW FPGA, if I am not mistaken, might be additional add ons which you need to purchase. Of course it depends if you want to use RT or FPGA.  May I ask if you have setup your sbRIO as mentioned in Page 3 onwards of the following manual for sbRIO:


When you install the NI RIO to the sbRIO, it should be like this: You can select the drivers which you need to install as shown in the 4th screenshot of the link I think since you are using the serial port of the sbRIO, you need to install the serial related drivers and also install the scan engine/interface related drivers if you want to use the RT function.


I'm not sure what you mean by standard read or write pallate but if you mean VISA APIs:, you can use them to send commands and receive commands from the RS232. It's not necceasry to use the example that uses both RT and FPGA (that's why you call it an example) as you can just use RT instead but it depends on your choice. 



When you mentioned camera, were you trying to extract video or pictures or you just basically just analyzing its numeric data form?


Warmest regards,







Learning new things everyday...
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je suis français et je ne suis pas trés fort pour m'exprimer en Anglais.Je vais désormais le faire en français, ce sera plus facile pour moi.

Alors je possède une carte SBRIO 9632 et j'ai déja réussi a etablir une communication entre ma caméra et mon ordinateur en passant pas le port Ethernet et la RS232.

Par contre lorsque je crée un executable, j'utilise toujours la même communication mais cette fois c'est la carte SBRIO qui devrait communiquer toute seule avec ma caméra (pas mon ordinateur), mais ça ne marche  pas.

si je construit un executable sans le port COM ça marche bien.

Je possède bien le RT et le FPGA comme vous m'avez indiqué .

Merci de me communiquer des exemple de communication entre une carte SBRIO 9632 et un peripherique quelconque, cela pourra consideremmet m'aider.

Merci par avance


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