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Colormap Y-scale map mode

I have set-up a "vi" to permit colour map visualisation of transients through the Sound & Vibration toolkit.
This is working reasonably well, however most spectograms are plotted in log scale which is not immediately available as an option that I could find. In the extended properties of the colormap node I found the map mode property for the Y-scale.
Mapping Mode Property
Property of Scale.
Scale mapping mode: 0-Linear, 1-Logarithmic. This property is similar to the Mapping item on the shortcut menu of a scale.
I checked and the Mapping item on the shortcut menu for this scale is greyed-out, suggesting that this is not supported.
I added this property as an element and set a constant to fix it at logarithmic. I have not been able to get this to provide an amended version of the graph. Is this a bug or is there a better way of getting a log frequency display?
Thanks (Block diagram detail below)

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Hi Midlothian,

Please can you post the section of code you show in the screen shot as a Vi, as I can't find the SubVI you are using.
I can then look into the issue further.

Have you tried replacing the Colormap with an Intensity Graph as this seems to go into logarithmic mode correctly on the Z-axis.

NIUK and Ireland

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Hi James,

Here is a SV example with the spectogram like I was using. Could you explain how to get Z in log mode please?

The" Colormap" is an intensity graph and replacing it with a new intensity graph still does not enably Mapping, Logarithmic to be selected - (it is present, but not in black type). 

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Hi midlothian,

to get Z-scale in log mode: right-click on z-scale (colorbar), select mapping->logarithmic. Or use the appropriate property node.

For intensity graphs it seems log maopping of x- and y-axis is disabled, the context menu entry is gray instead of black. So writing to the property nodes will do nothing...

P.S.: Please try to keep similar questions in one forum thread.

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Best regards,
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The option mapping for is disabled as I pointed out.

The thread did not show on a search so I created a new one. Then searching on other keywords showed the other post still unanswered.

Since this is a support forum and since I pay for this support it seems reasonable to post as I have done.


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Hi Midlothian,

There seems to be some confusion, earlier you were talking about setting the Y-Scale to be Logarithmic (Frequency). Then in a later post you wanted the colour scale to be Logarithmic (Z-Scale).

We can set the Z-scale to be Linear or Logarithmic, but the X and Y Scales can only be Linear.

Please see the attached screen shot on how to make the colour scale to be Logarithmic.

NIUK and Ireland

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Hi JamesC
Yes I see what happened I was asking about the y-scale (frequency) then you suggested using the Intensity Chart with the log option on z-scale.
I then replied whilst thinking that you were referring to my original question about the frequency scale, but referring to it as "z".
Both "z" intensity and "y" frequency are more commonly used in logarithm mode.
Can an alternative log (frequency) intensity chart please be developed as this seems to be an obvious requirement?
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Hi Midlothian,

The best way to get features added to our products is to use the Product Suggestion Center. This is also how I would put through the sugegstion, but they hold more weight when a customer asked for a feature directly.

If you can put forward a good reason for the feature (which I feel you can with your Sound and Vibration knowledge), you should hopefully get a much more favourable response than myself.

NIUK and Ireland

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Hi JamesC

Thank you for your advice. I have added the suggestion as shown below.

Spectogram Support for Logarithm Frequency Scale

The Intensity Chart or Color-map currently does not support the
logarithm map mode to enable the spectogram to plot in the normal
standard for the Noise & Vibration analyst.

This results in the requirement to take recordings and then use third
party software to produce compliant reports. The inclusion of a
logarithm scale would enable realtime use of the LabVIEW spectogram.



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