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Collecting data from Multimeter


I need to collect real-time current from a RadioShack 22812 digital multimeter using RS232 serial port, for a physics experiment. I know some labview but am not an expert. Could someone please tell me how to connect and get the data?

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If you look at the "Basic Serial Write and" in the examples you will see a point to begin building your data acq with the Radio Shack meter. You will need a PC with a serial port (most laptops don't have them these days), and need to have the serial cable that came with the meter, or the pinout to make your own. You will also need to know the serial commands the meter expects (from its manual). This example vi will require you to enter the commands and note down the results manually, to make it a little more automated is as the textbooks say, "an exercise left for the industrious student". If you have any more questions on this topic, ask them here (this thread) it makes it easier for us to follow.



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you're in luck because I just helped someone create a VI to read the DMM.....

Check out this link...
Radio Shack DMM 22-812 Thread

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I sent him a link to your code in the LAVA forums when the OP posted in eng-tips. I remembered your solution to parsing the data strings.

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I just got labview and have a project in a class where I'm using the Radioshack 22-812 and a sensor and want to capture the data in labview and came across this posting. I downloaded the vi from Lava and need to know what needs to be done to get the data into this sub vi??

Thanks for your help,

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That's quite an ambitious assignment for class for just starting out in LV. IMO, you have quite an 'advantage' in using other's coding efforts, you should figure the rest out to complete the assignement. You may want to review 

Good Luck

"It’s the questions that drive us.”
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the 2nd message in this post (by LV_Pro) describes the procedure you're looking for. 

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Thanks for the reply’s.

The class project using labview is an extra part that I added in so that I can learn labview (I actually already have enough information and data using the radioshack meterview software for the project). I have prior experience with labview, but this was 5 years ago, and very limited. The problems I'm having are mostly with the communication protocol (I’m guessing), such as the commands that I need to send the instrument (if any). I've tried using the basic serial read and write vi and am receiving errors as follows:

Error -1073807343 occurred at Property Node (arg 1) in VISA Configure Serial Port (Instr).vi->
VISA:  (Hex 0xBFFF0011) Insufficient location information or the device or resource is not present in the system.

I know that my lack of experience using labview is what my true problem is but this is why I’m trying this project.




Kevin : )

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Hey I got it to work. I had to use the Adv serial vi. For some reason the basic vi would not work.

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Hi, I'm also trying to read data from a radio shack 22-820 multimeter, but don't know how to start with labview since I'm new to this software. the link here is not working, could you find the link or post a sample .vi for me? thanks a bunch!



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