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Code not deploying to myRIO

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I am working with an NI myRIO-1900 and am attempting to deploy code to it by right clicking the target in my project explorer in LabVIEW and clicking "connect."




The reason why I am doing this is so that I am able to see the front panel on my computer while the project is running on the myRIO. However, the deployment progress bar does not get very despite being left alone for over 15 minutes. 




I have already tried re-installing the current NI software on both my computer and the FPGA target, and unsure as to what to do next.


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When this happens, the myRIO is not communicating with the PC.  There are multiple reasons this could be happening (I've seen this numerous times the past month or so).  Here are some things to try:

  • Reboot the PC and power-cycle the myRIO.  This makes both sides restart, reset themselves, and potentially prepare to "talk to each other".
  • You don't say whether you are connected by the USB Cable (IP or WiFi.  I'd recommend plugging in the USB Cable.  If your PC is already running, you should hear the little USB "I'm connected!" sound when you connect the myRIO to the PC using USB, and the "myRIO USB Monitor" should pop up, and confirm the IP address for you.
  • If this works, try starting MAX and see if the myRIO shows up on Remote Systems.

Report back any findings that don't seem to work.  You definitely must have a network connect to the myRIO for things to work!


Ah!  I just thought of something.  Open LabVIEW.  Click on "Tools", "Options".  Near the bottom, click on VI Server.  Make sure that there is a Check Mark in Protocols, TCP/IP!  [This is off by default -- you need to turn it on to communicate with the myRIO!].


Bob Schor

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I'd focus on the second bullet of Bob's feedback.  Your project shows you configured the myRIO using the USB cable and it's looking for a connection at  If you're not using the USB cable now, it won't connect.


How are you connecting now?

How do you prefer connect?

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@umairzaidi --


     You marked my Response as the "solution" (thank you), which I assume means you got your code to deploy to your myRIO.  To help other Forum users who may have the same question and find this Thread, could you please tell us how you "fixed" the problem, explaining what you changed or did differently?


Bob Schor

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