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I am trying to create a VI that would  produces an array of clusters containing student name, course average, letter grade, and class rank for each student in a class. The input to the system is an array of cluster data were each cluster contains;

a. Student name (student A, B etc.)

b. Exam 1 numeric grade

c. Exam 2 numeric grade

d. Final Exam numeric grade 

The course average is determined as follows: 30% from the first exam, 30% from
the second exam, and 40% from the final exam.

Course Average Letter Grade

0-59% F

60-69% D

70-79% C

80-89% B

90-100% A
Bundle all of the information (Name, course average, letter grade, and class rank) into an array of clusters where each cluster contains all the data for one individual student. Display this array of clusters on the front panel.

Can someone please get me started on this? I am not sure how to initialize the input.
 I would really appreciate the help. thank you

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Here is a start. You calculate the results for all of the tests and if the tests fall into a certain range, you can denote the grade (F for 0-50 etc)

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The input here is not a cluster of arrays and i can't enter info for multiple students. So i can't rank them either. How would i solve this issue.


Thanks for the help Smiley Happy

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Hi. It was just a start. Here is how you can do it for multiple students (the input atleast)


This will run for as many students/inputs are in the array


EDIT: You dont need that "Multiply by 100" just before the case structure sorry

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This is gonna be really sill but how do i add multiple inputs? for a regular array and that extends the array but extending the cluster is not really helping me. I am really sorry if i am asking stupid question. I am taking my first labview course. I have updated the code a bit. Please take a look at this. Thank you

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Hi again. You can add more inputs into the array by moving to the next element in the array. See the pics below for what i mean. This will cause the for loop to run 2 times (because there are only 2 elements in the array) (I cant open your VI because you have a different LV version than me)

 Element 0                                         element 1

cluster.PNG               cluister.PNG

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This is what my code looks like as of now. 
How do i rank students based on their grade?
what version of labview are you using?

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Accepted by topic author Alyssa001
04-18-2018 07:10 AM

Here is how you can bundle the scores and names of each student. If you want to add another student, add another to the array! I havent looked at class ranks yet

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