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Cluster does not populate in sub-vi unless front panel is opened

When you say "compiled" I assume you mean that you turned it into an executable. You can debug your built executable with LabVIEW 8. To do this follow the instructions in the help article (Help>>Search the LabVIEW Help) titled Debugging Applications and Shared Libraries.
From the sounds of it, I'm betting you have a race condition. What happens if you don't use local \ global variables? Let us know what you find.
Chris C
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I'm coming in late....

Controls and indicators on sub-VI's who FP is not showing are never updated.


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I am running in 7.1.  We have 4 other large programs in Labview, if I upgrade one I have to upgrade them all.  The 8 upgrade is scheduled for October.  Does Labview 7.1 have debugging tools?

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Is anyone able to reproduce this with a "minimal" example?
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