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Cloud Integration. LabVIEW


Hi all,
I use LabVIEW for my PhD project.

I want to send the files, and metadata, that I am generating directly to cloud services and from there, I want to share with my professor.

Currently, I am copy and pasting one by one the files and send by email or dropbox. But, it is quite slow and I sometimes I can’t send all the files I would love, and I can only send files, none of the  metadata (which I saved as json in a database).

Does someone know about any cloud platform for LabVIEW which could solve this for me?


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LabVIEW supports:

- Sending files via FTP

- POSTing or PUTing data/files via HTTP

- Sending emails via SMTP

- Saving the files directly to a local Dropbox or Google Drive folder on your computer (which is then automatically sync'ed with the 'cloud')

- Saving files to a network drive / server share

- UDP/TCP network protocols

- Calling .NET code libraries


Yes, LabVIEW has lots of options, what do you want to do?


You could also save the JSON metadata as a text file. You could also provide access to the database.

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But , How do I add a comment of the file that I am saving-sharing with my professor? and I dont want to copy and paste all the time.

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