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Closing state space control loop

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I'm an ME student and was assigned with a project of closing a control loop on a rotary inverted pendulum.


I have all of the math equations and State space design.


I'm have not a clue on how to implement closed loop state space system in Labview (10)


any suggestion where to begin/examples?


Thanks Very much,



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Accepted by topic author Gil_Maor

Hello Gil,


A great way to implement and simulate your SS system is to use LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module.

Here's a short list of references on modeling in LabVIEW


Basics of Control Design and Simulation in LabVIEW


Controls Tutorials for LabVIEW


Once you have the module installed, there's a shipping example in LabVIEW on the inverted pendulum.


Hope this helps!

Andy Chang
National Instruments
LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation
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Thank you very much!

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Hi Andy


In the referances you have sent me there is a 3 hour tutorial for PID control, where can I find a through tutrial for SS and with LQR?

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Hello Gil.


I am also doing a final year project concerning real time control of rotary inverted pendulum, and have done some improvements in our project.


If you would like to share information about the projects you can add me


Best Regards.


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Hello Gil,


You can find more information here

Andy Chang
National Instruments
LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation
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did you have finish this work and can share?
I'm doing a final project about this in my graduation.

I'm having problems to implement the state space control (LQG/LTR).

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