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Clipboard probs

Here's an annoying Labview 6.02 problem; I periodically have problems
pasting from the Windows clipboard into Labview.

A knowledgebase article states that there are two seperate clipboards, but
making another window active and then going back into Labview should force a

However, at times- like at the moment- I am unable to go into Excel, select
a column of text, copy it and then paste it into a string control in a
Labview app- even though I can paste it into other (non-Labview) windows and
I have obviously gone out of Labview to get the data.

I've not spotted any pattern to this so far, and when it happens it seems
the only way to re
cover is to quit Labview and restart it. Anyone else seen
this and come up with a solution?

Craig Graham
Physicist/Labview Programmer
Lancaster University, UK
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I tried opening Excel, place some text in several cells of the same column, copy them to the clipboard, open LabVIEW and place a string control in the front panel, use the writing tool and click in the string control (have a cursor blinking) and then paste the cells that I previously copied and it worked. I attached the VI in which I made the test.

So we have to check perhaps other things. You may want to contact us directly in order to troubleshoot this more deeply or have some tests been tried, like the example attached, please look for the instructions when you open it.

For information on how to reach us please check:

I believe that if the problem resides in the refreshing of the window then we will need to check the display
settings due to the LabVIEW intensive graphics environment. But first try the instructions to reproduce the example attached and let's see if we can isolate the problem.

Good luck!

Nestor Sanchez
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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