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Click for the secon time on START

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Hello everyone,

I come to you to ask for help please
Actually on my vi below I have a START/STOP button.
When I click on start the other buttons are enabled and when I click on stop the buttons are disabled.
And I want when I click start again for the second time it sends a popup.
I have already done the pop up but I don't know how to tell it the second click on start sends pop up.
Can you please show me?
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Since the Start/stop button is latch action, its new value will be different, so use that.

You can also increment an integer in a shift register to count how many time an event has occurred, then decide what to do based on that value.


All other buttons should probably be latch action.


(Your property nodes belong after the case structure to avoid all that duplicate code. Your timeout case has no purpose. You should also make sure that all disabled properties are as needed when the program starts. You need an event for the stop button)


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See if this can give you some ideas....



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Hi altenbach,
Thank your for you answer I  test it

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T'es francophone?

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Hi GRCK500,
Oui je suis francophone 🙂

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Hello altenbach :),

I'm coming back to you.
I have tried to set a register value to offset but it doesn't work.
Can you show me how to do it please so I can find out how to do it soon.
I want that when I click on start for the second time the popup is displayed please?
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Please never (ever!) attach a modified VI with the same filename of one of my earlier VIs!


Your wire in the shift register should be wired across all events, of course. Instead of the boolean, you can wire the shift register value to the case structure.

You can increment the value inside the start/stop event and decide what to depending if the value is even or odd.

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Hi @altenbach,

I am sorry
Thanks you that work done!

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