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Classification technique


        I would like to what type of classification technique(like SVM,ANN or something else) is used in a particular vi example and how to find what of classification technique is used?


For example in Labview-Find Example-Directory structure-Vision-Function-Classification-Color In this what type of classification is used and how to find it?


Thank you


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Hi Madhubalan,


I think you would receive more help from other users, if you use the right forum for your question. For Machine Vision related question use the Machine Vision forum


Machine Vision - NI Discussion Forums

instead of the LabVIEW forum.


If you need information about the classification fuction, I would recommend you to take a look at the help for this function, befor you try to answer the question over the forum. You can find the help online on this page:


Classification VIs - NI Vision 2010 for LabVIEW Help - National Instruments

If you want more information about the basic vision technicts, take a look at the vision concept help manual:


Regards, Stephan

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hai sir,i am doing my project work in NI LabView in the svm(support vector machine), I need your help in doing my project because of i am fresher to this environment so please help me


 "my goal is classify colours and shapes using svm " so please anybody have idea in doing code in labview please help me......

my email id is


                                       thanking you sir

   waiting for your reply.............please help me sir

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hi rathod,


this might be helpful:



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I tried,but i don't know how to use it

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