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Class Not Registered

I always cringe when faced with a new instrument and the manufacturer only provides a LabVIEW driver set that uses ActiveX calls because 9 times out of 10 they do not work.


Case in point the attached Sorenson XG DC power supply that returns the error:


Error -2147621124 Class Not Registerd in Ametek XG Power


I knew I should have just ignored these and wrote my own set of SCPI vi's but I hoped using theirs would save some time...

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I guess I forgot to ask what I can to do fix this besides abandon ActiveX and write a set using SCPI commands

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Your best bet would be to contact the manufacturer (or whoever wrote the driver) if you don't get any solutions here.  





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I am having the exact same problem. Now waiting for a scheduled call from Ametek....

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Good luck with that...


I ended up just writing my own set of drivers using the SCPI commands.


Frankly I have never see an instrument driver that uses ActiveX or IVI that worked properly in well over a decade of LabVIEW programmig.

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Hello I am having the same issue now with Sorensen XG. 

Originally it was working on my developing system, but I could not make it work as .exe even on developing system.

Now, I think after messing with settings, I cannot run it on my dev system either.

I get error that Class is not registered.

I did not have good luck writhing my own SCPI code. Can you please provide example for initialisation and setting voltage? I just want to make sure I understand command format right.


Thank you 

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