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Clarification on NI-9263 Output C-Series Module

Hello all

Apologies if there is an obvious answer to this question, but I am new to NI equipment. I am trying to determine the smallest voltage the NI 9263 output module can accurately output. For example, can it accurately output a voltage up to the hundredths place, to the thousandths place, etc.? I am programmatically changing the output values and don't want to state that the module is outputting a voltage that is more precise than what is actually being output. Thanks in advance.

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[edit] - there is actually a DAQ forum board which this should have been posted in.


I think you are trying to find the resolution (smallest difference between two values). As this is a 16 bit module with a fixed range of -10 to +10V, the resolution should be 20/2^16, or around 0.3mV


This is not exactly the same thing as accuracy (how close is the value to the actual value) or precision (if you chose the same value several times how close together are the real values) but I think it is what you wanted?

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