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Citadel 5 Database: Asymmetry in Read and Write; Database Subfolders



I just started using DSC module of LabVIEW and related architecture such as Citedal Database for several days. This might be a trivial issue with easy fix but I could not find documention about this. 


When wrting a trace in the databas, a "subfolder" for the PC I am using is automatically generated. It seems that I have no access to the name of the subfolder for the trace I want to write. When reading, it seems I do not have access to the "process" or the "subfolder". 


In the attached screenshot: I would like to write an entry to the database that I copied from other PC (the red line), but it is the black line being established. Similar situation happens for trace reading. When I tried to read the green database, it is the blue being read, except I manually delete the blue database.










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Greetings pai193387


I reproduced your issue on my end. Because of the way Citadel organizes data I could not find a way to just keep working on the process that was started in a different computer. So my suggestion is to read all the data from the process and rewrite it on a new trace and then keep working on the new trace.


Alternatively, it is better to keep small traces separate; in case there is a corruption you don’t lose too many data at a time.


Let us know if you have additional questions or if you find a better solution.


Warm Regards, 

Luis J.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Tortu, 


Thanks a lot for the reply. Yes I will try to keep everything local. 


Do you have any recommendation on maximal size of a trace that you would maintain? I periodically archive/copy the database onto other PC (currently only 2 PCs having database, but ideally I would keep more than 5 PCs, would corruption still be an issue? and how often that corruption would occur?) Sorry for a lot of follow up questions and thank you so much for your help!



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