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Choosing between two loops to execute

For example, let's say I created a VI with two there a function or way to allow only 1 of the loops to operate if a certain criteria is met?


So let's say if the number is greater than 10, loop 1 will execute but if the number is less than 10, loop 2 will execute.


I was thinking of something like a "if, else" kind of statement but I can't seem to find anything similiar to that in LabVIEW.


I didn't attach my VI because I haven't been able to figure out what functions to use yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This sounds like you need to use a case structure as in the picture below.


Run one case or the other.





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Another way.



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I think you are approaching this from the wrong end.


Why not use a single loop containing a case structure with the two code alternatives? That would make much more sense. 😄

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If the requirement is to run both loops simultanously use two case structures with in a loop


otherwise you could use them in two different states with a statemachine architecture 




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