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Chirp error


I'm using a cDAQ9172 with a NI9263 module to produce a chirp signal that eventually will be read by a 9215 module in the same chassis. (I'm not there yet)

Based on a example posted in the forum, I can generate the chirp and change the characteristics on the fly. When the chirp signal is finished, an error pops up (Error -200621).

The Is Task and Reset were placed there to get rid of the error, unsuccessfully though. Thanks for your help!

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Hi cobayatron,



I have found a forum with a similar problem which provides a solution.


Error 200294 in Daqmxstart task


I also noticed that the sampling rate specified in the SV Chirp Waveform VI does not match the sample rate specified for the sample clock. Please configure both sampling rates to match.


Please let me know if this information is helpful.


Kind regards,



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