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Chart history lenght control

Dear all,

I use Labview 8.5 and the device NI USB6210. Following my configuration of my application and to optimize it, I need to change the Chart History lenght by program. Is it possible?

When the chart is running, I can see that the chart can display more data than the number of data in the history. Can I have more explanation about the working?? Have you any links about it?

Thank in advance, Daniel. 

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No, I'm afraid you can't.
There's a property called HISTORY DATA that you could manipulate to fake it, but that is a compile-time option only.
You can have it display any amount you want less than the history by manipulating the Xmin and Xmax, but that's just a small window on a big room.
I can see that the chart can display more data than the number of data in the history. 
I don't think that's true.  If you set the HISTORY LENGTH to 100 and feed it an array of 200 numbers, you see a plot with 100 numbers in it (100-199).  The first part is forgotten.


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