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Changing the color of graph programmatically

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Hiii Everyone,


I have to plot 12 plots in one waveform graph. I have selected the colors on plot legend for each plot. But I don't want to display 12 graph at a time. I have provided checkboxes for selection of parameters like which parameter's graph user want to see. I have done this much its working well.


But there is one problem in color of graph, if I select 12 parameters at a time then it displays with same color which I have selected on plot legend. But if I select less than 12 parameters labview assign colors serially irrespective of color assigned. I have attached the VI please help me out with this. 


Thanks & Regards,


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That is quite a Rube Goldberg you have there.  First, let's fix that.


Attached is a modified VI that has identical function to what you posted with far less code.

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Your actual problem is not that you've changed colors on the graph, it's that you've change the label.  You've effectively restructured your entire array.


Why don't you use the Plot Visible? property to determine what is visible.  Now you are talking about almost no code.

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Thank you so much RavensFan. 

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