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Changing graph scale during session


I am a new user of LabView and need a little help. Is there any easy way to interactively change the y-axis scale during data collection session for a waveform. The autoscaling has not been the greatest option as it adjusts to the highest peak. I would like to be able to change the scale multiple times during data collection as the session are fairly lengthy. Would there be something like Excel where I can double click on the axis to change it. Or is there any way to add two numerical input boxes that would update the y-axis (and if left blank would do autoscaling)?

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This is programatically set using the property node yscale.range.  You can also set the yscale.autosacle to 1 (I think this is the correct value but I dont have LV opened) to autoscale once.

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First, disable autoscaling for the axes.


Now right-click the graph and select "visible items...graph palette". The button in the middle is a zoom control with several modes (general zoom, zoom horizontally, zoom vertically, zoom to all, etc.).


You can also enter different numbers for the edge markers of the axes to change the visible area.





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